La Sera and Springtime Carnivore had just kicked off their tour in promotion of their new albums. So far, they’re off to an exciting start.

Springtime Carnivore is the indie rock project of singer/multi-instrumentalist Greta Morgan. Her second studio album Midnight Room just came out the day before the Hideout show on October 7. A collection of dreamy, catchy pop music, the record details Morgan’s break up with her boyfriend of four years. The lyrics are personal, the songwriting clever and it’s a treat to see her perform it live. Morgan has a strong stage presence, singing pitch perfect and revealing her genuine nature with between-the-songs banter.

Katy Goodman of La Sera (formerly of Vivian Girls) joined Morgan for two songs off the pair’s recent cover album Take It, It’s Yours. The album is a dream pop take on classic punk songs. Goodman and Morgan performed “Bastards Of Young” by The Replacements and “Ever Fallen In Love” by Buzzcocks.


Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore (Photo Credit: Lenae Day)

After Springtime Carnivore wrapped up their set, La Sera took to the stage. Bass player Katy Goodman’s husband Todd Wisenbaker now plays guitar in the band and contributes to songwriting. The pair share singing duties and a drummer backs them up.

They released La Sera’s newest album playfully named Music for Listening to Music To. Alt-rock hero Ryan Adams produced the record. The result is a collection of songs that sound influenced by The Smiths and other melancholy Brit-pop.

Live, La Sera is fun to watch. Goodman and Wisenbaker have tons of fun performing and their back and forth banter is adorable. They played a mix of old La Sera like “Please Be My Third Eye” and “Love That’s Gone” and new like “Queens” and “High Notes.”

If you haven’t heard new La Sera and Springtime Carnivore they’re streaming on Spotify here and here. Oh and listen to their punk cover album while you’re at it!

By: Lara McCaffrey