Woogie Weekend is the first music festival of its kind, springing into existence from the Woogie Stage at Lightning In A Bottle. Before it’s inauguration this weekend in Oak Canyon Park, we got the chance to talk to Dede Flemming, Co-Founder of The Do LaB, Lightning In A Bottle and Woogie Weekend.

Dede is one of the three Flemming brothers that make up The Do LaB, an innovative and unique event production company based out of Los Angeles.

If you can describe the Do LaB in three words, what are they? 

Create! Experience! Inspire!

If you can describe the inaugural Woogie Weekend festival in three words, what are they?

Woogie! Smiles! Dance!

What gave the idea to grow a completely new music festival from a LiB stage?

The Woogie Stage has been apart of LIB since the beginning in 2006.  Immediately it took on an identity and became more than just a stage.  It had a loyal follow of people who loved house music and loved to Woogie. When we were exploring new ideas for an event it seemed like a no-brainer to just take the energy from the Woogie Stage and turn it into it’s own event.

How does Woogie Weekend stack up or is different from other EDM and dance music festivals?

Like all of our events we just focus on what’s in front of us and do what we do best.  We’ll let the attendees decide what makes it different or sets it apart from the rest.

How is the vibe at Woogie Weekend different than LiB since Woogie originated from LiB?

Woogie Weekend puts a lot of the emphasis on the music and the atmosphere around the stages.  LIB is full of countless elements that allow you to get lost in the experience while WW is mostly all there right in front of you.


Were there any instances growing up that made you realize, “Hey, I want to create an experience people will never forget”?

Growing up our parents were big into entertaining and hosting people and my father would always create really basic, goofy and weird things to enable people to just let go and have fun.  They were simple things but effective.  I think that was the catalyst for us putting so much emphasis on the experience.

How do you feel when complete strangers come up to you and tell you how much they appreciate what you and/or the Do LaB has done for them?

It’s pretty special.  Every time you hear people’s stories and how they were touched by LIB or any of our events it makes all worth it.  It’s both humbling and inspiring for our entire team to know that they’re creating life changing moments and memories for people.

What would you like for your festival attendees to take away when they leave a festival like Woogie Weekend or LiB?

Good memories and lots of smiles but most importantly a positive outlook on life.  We’re always trying to create more than a party with instant gratification, but to take the positivity and collective energy home with them to share with the world.

What are your own personal creative outlets?

I like making pottery.

Special thanks to Dede Flemming, The Do LaB, and The Confluence.

Interview By: Summer Luu