Declan Mckenna

Here’s what you missed from Declan McKenna at The Music Box.

Declan warmly welcomed the vibrant crowd at this sold out show at the Music Box. The room was alive as the lights were flashing and Declan Mckenna and his band burst on stage with energy, matching the captivating energy of Declan’s music.

Mckenna released his debut album What Did You Think About The Car? last year, and this US tour is the first since its release. The Britpop album features music spanning songs written from Mckenna’s age 15, like Brazil, through music developed up to the release of the album.

Near the end of the evening between songs, Declan quieted the crowd, telling them he had something important to say. The crowd hushed accordingly, ready to hang on his every word.

“Ravioli is poptart.”

Photos and Words by: Charlie Spadone