Brought up in the small town of Chewelah, Washington, Allen Stone began singing and performing as an adolescent, going from church choir child to a “hippie with soul” rock-star.

Listen to the first track “Sleep” off Stone’s self-titled album Allen Stone. The two-minute ditty carries a soulful church attitude of rising vocal harmonies joined by triumphant choir backgrounds accompanied by those tasteful organ bloops; all of which have you stomping your feet while reaching for the clouds. He utilizes this 60’s/70’s disco-rock sound of funk, R&B and soul with vocals that soar and sooth as they fill in the instrumental crevices. This is the over-all vibe derived from the long-curly-haired caucasian. It’s as if Stevie Wonder traded his black blazer and dreads for a jean jacket and coiled-blonde locks. Although, Stone is no imposter; along with all his funkadelia he lightly dresses his music with a bluesy-folk vibe that can, at times feel groovey and playful, s well as lighthearted and dynamic; his sound is powerful, yet sensitive.

Catch Allen Stone fresh at the beginning of his 28-show tour at The Music Box with support from the poppy-folk sextet on August 4th. GRAB TIX.

By: Matthew Burke