Sunday afternoon brought about a dose of sunny rays and sunnier people at 94.9’s SPF Show in Oceanside.

SPF is 94.9’s summer concert to kick off the season. Armed with an incredible line-up and a venue just steps from the sand, SPF was the place to be this past weekend. Before even going in, concert-goers were stamped with the set times for the festival so remembering what time your favorite band went on was as easy as looking at your wrist.

Heydaze. Credit: Primary Suspect via FM94.9

Kicking off the afternoon was New-York based group The Heydaze. Their indie-pop rock blend was the perfect starter for the acts to come. The high-energy set included an impressive cover of “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys before ending with their breakout hit “Hurt Like Hell.” Despite having only three songs on Spotify, their top tune has close to 2 million hits, setting this group to skyrocket once their debut album drops.

LP. Credit: Primary Suspect via FM94.9

Next up was LP. She has a fascinating background – while only recently breaking out with her own tunes, LP has penned hits from Rihanna to the Backstreet Boys. Despite maybe not knowing her name, her song “Into The Wild” made the rounds, racking up nearly 10 million plays on Spotify after a commercial feature. Her set reinforced her musical expertise as she switched between guitar, harmonica, ukulele, whistling, and her ever-impressive active range. A bonafide rockstar, LP was one of the biggest highlights of the day. Her set ended with “Lost On You,” one of her newest tracks. Be sure to check her new album “Lost On You,” out now.

Colony House. Credit: Primary Suspect via FM94.9

Next up were Tennessee-based Colony House. Their upbeat indie-rock brought some much-needed warmth as the skies began to cloud over through the afternoon. Fresh off the release of their second full length album, “Only The Lonely,” their set was rich with new hits such as “You & I” and “I Want It All” before closing with classic “Silhouettes” and “You Know It.”

Mondo Cozmo. Credit: Primary Suspect via FM94.9

Also on the line-up was Mondo Cozmo. Joshua Ostrander and his band played in a high-energy set with rich with the indie-rock vibes that set the afternoon. The crowd danced along to every song, matching the energy of the bouncy frontman. The energy took new heights as at one point Ostrander jumped onto the drum set during a particularly rock and roll moment. Clad in a Rolling Stone cutoff denim vest, these boys were every bit the rock stars that’ll be selling out arenas before you know it. Check out their hit song “Shine.”

Judah and the Lion. Credit: Primary Suspect via FM94.9

Following a set that seemed unlikely the beat, Judah and the Lion gave arguably the best performance of the day. Recently named by Rolling Stone magazine as a “Top 10 Band to Watch“, Judah and the Lion lived up to the hype. Every member was an absolute joy to watch as they bopped along to every beat. It would take paragraphs to describe every standout moment, but highlights included covers from T-Pain, complete with a twerk line by band members, and The Killer’s “Mr. Brightside.” The takes on both songs made them new and fresh, and felt as if though entirely new songs. One of the more impressive moments came during “Reputation,” when the boys flipped their shirts over their heads mid-song while continuing to shred to the final minute of the song. The boys ripped through such songs as “Going to Mars” and “Rich Kids.” The boys finished with their tradition of a dance party during their final song, “Take It All Back,” during which lead singer Judah Akers jumped into the crowd and continued to sing amidst excited fans. 

Saint Motel. Credit: Primary Suspect via FM94.9

Another incredible set came in the form of Saint Motel. The poppy-indie-rock came with an animated frontman, AJ Jackson, decked out in an Austin Powers-esque white and floral suit combo, hair slicked back in a neat bun, with clear, retro glasses. Ever the performers, they had set up a vintage television at the front of the stage which played videos coordinating with the songs playing. Walking out to the narration in the style reminiscent of “The Twilight Zone,” these boys delivered. Accompanied by horn players and a crew of equally-animated members, Jackson danced and bopped while leading such hits such as “Cold Cold Man,” “For Elise,” “Move,” and “My Type.” The band the finished with “Born Again.” Their performance was punctuated with so called “Love Letters to Franz Ferdinand”, parts 1 and 2, with Jackson confessing his deep love and admiration for the Scottish rockers. 

Franz Ferdinand. Credit: Primary Suspect via FM94.9

Finally, headliners Franz Ferdinand took the stage. Clad in cheetah coats, these rockers were ready to deliver. With the sun finally set, the light production was comparable to that of an indoor arena, with flashing lights and flooding color. Playing through such classics such as “The Dark of the Matinee,” “No You Girls”, “Walk Away,” and “Take Me Out.” The set built with every song before culminating with an electric “This Fire.” Taking a bow after the final song, the international sensations ended an incredible afternoon of some of the best indie-rock around.

Be sure to check out 94.9’s just-announced Indie Jam happening later this fall! Lineup includes Portugal. The Man, Misterwives, and Sir Sly.

Review By: Christine Heyne
All photos: Pablo Sepulveda (Primary Suspect) via FM 94.9