wavves-Afraid of HeightsArtist: Wavves
Album: Afraid of Heights
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Label: Mom + Pop
Track: “Demon to Lean On”

Stating as simple as a pop-riffled Weezer-esqe melody, Wavves lead singer Nathan Williams’ whiny croon appears, as he begins to spout off naked, post-relationship introspections, akin to pop-punk wonder bands of the early 2000’s.

The slow, soft song builds into an exploding, gritty chorus, as he starts to question everything and spirals into themes of doubt, depression and after death fascinations. “I’m holding a gun to my head/So send me an angel/Or bury me deeply instead/With demons to lean on” the chorus begs, weighing the classic choice between good and evil.

Although it’s a long way from their fuzzy, lo-fi bedroom recordings that filled 2009’s self-titled album, “Demon To Leon On”, the first single off their forthcoming album Afraid of Heights, sounds like the most polished and well constructed Wavves track yet. Nathan seems to be finally figuring it out, or giving even less of a fuck than before. Either way, “Demon To Lean On” is probably the catchiest, post-breakup suicidal pop song I’ve ever heard.

By: Amanda Martinek