sohn-tremorsArtist: SOHN
Album: Tremors
Release Date: April 7, 2014
Label: 4AD

There is something to be said about music that creeps into your bloodstream and transports you to a different place. And this is exactly what happened when I pressed play on SOHN’s new album, Tremors.

This English musician takes the electronic genre to a new level, creating a penetratingly smooth and melodic sound. The best way to describe Tremors is what I imagine you get when mixing trance, electronic and some good old baby making music.

The album’s third track “Artifice” is already gaining popular momentum, and who could blame it? The combination of SOHN’s impressive, diverse falsettos and a driving beat are easy to get lost in.

My recommendation: Tremors is served best with noise-cancelling headphones, wandering through a city on a cold, overcast morning.

SOHN is now on tour so make sure to check out his San Diego show on May 25th at The Casbah and buy tickets here.

By: Chelsey Faust