Rhye: “Woman” Album Review

rhye-woman-coverArtist: Rhye
Album: Woman
Release Date: March 4, 2013
Label: Universal Music

With a silky smooth voice of pure passion, Rhye’s vocalist, Mike Molish will leave your eardrums on the verge of pure bliss with his sensual melodies.

Within seconds of listening to the first track off the album Woman, your inner libido will be stimulated. Whether your in love, falling in love, or looking for love, I promise this album will make you feel sexy and bring out the intimacy in any relationship.

The Canadian/Danish duo formed in LA with members Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal kept their identities a secret when first releasing the tracks, Open and The Fall. They wanted the focus to be on the music, not them.

Listening to the track, Open, I immediately felt the sensuality of the song as if your lover is lightly kissing your neck and slowly moving their lips down the side of your body with every beat. It is one of the most intimate songs to grace my ears in quite sometime. The passion you can hear in this entire album unveils a love that everyone hopes to one day have.

By: Rachel Frank