Midnight Climax by Los ShadowsArtist: Los Shadows
Title: Midnight Climax
Release Date: August 16, 2016
Label: Chuck Records

Los Shadows do not tease, they deliver.

Their debut album Midnight Climax is youth, ash, smoke, bleeding knees, and a relaxed attitude that is pumped through the young band’s wrists. The opening track “805” introduces the listener to the surf-rock feel of the album. “805” welcomes you into the city of National City where Los Shadows hail from, but it is the second track on their debut album “Sleeping Outside”, that throws you into the fast lane. It’s loud. It’s fun. It’s spilling beer on your shirt on a night out but dancing anyways soaking in the moment. A feeling that everything is alright is present when listening to “Sleeping outside”.

Los Shadows are young men from Southern California and they write about what they know: weed, girls, driving around, and hearts maturing. A tune that captures that well is “The Times”, it’s about driving around at night and rekindling with an ex-love. It’s a song that touches on real emotions and experiences regardless of age. It’s a song with swagger. The vocal delivery aims to kill.

In truth, the whole album has a charming style of a laid-back summer evening. The misty reverb signature on every song is a warm thread that welcomes one with kind hands.

When listening to Los Shadows one must not be quick to throw them in a pool with other contemporary surf-rock bands like Hindu Pirates or Wavves. Do yourself a favor and do not compare this band to the likes. The main point that separates the gents from others is that they originate from National City. Geography is everything. Being so close to Tijuana that one can see the twinkling city’s lights at night, burritos and tacos being at one’s disposal at any time, sun-kissed beautiful people, hydroponic goodies, misty mornings, and a view of the Coronado bridge are all factors that are felt when listening to Midnight Climax. Midnight Climax does not disappoint in its debut. I can’t wait to hear future works by Los Shadows.

By: Izzy Soto