1467240_767025123314076_188547001_nFor all you moody mood-ring babes out there, new San Diego “post-riot grrrl psychedelic jam band” Soft Lions wants everyone to get out of their bedroom except you. I asked members Megan and Lex a few questions before their debut show THIS FRIDAY December 6th at Soda Bar, where they will be releasing their brand new EP No Peace.

You and rest of your band and are all part of other San Diego bands. How did you all first meet and when did you decided to start Soft Lions?

Megan: I’ve known Lex for a couple years, we actually met doing May Star’s fashion shows together. I didn’t know Jon really at all until like August, maybe we met at a New Kinetics show once? Basically, I was writing a lot and making shitty bedroom recordings, but I knew I was going to need cool people to help me take what I was doing to the next level. The New Kinetics had just broken up, so I just swooped in on Jon like that guy at the bar at closing time who knows you’re on the rebound. We both knew Lex and at the time she had mentioned that her band, Marco Polo, was going on a bit of a break, so I swooped on her too. Basically, this is a story about me being a vulture. Watch yourselves!

Lex: I am from Portland Maine. I met Megan while participating in a local fashion show. I have always been fond of Megan’s aura & when she asked me to jam with her on some of her bedroom anthems I was more than excited. When I heard the first few songs I instantly felt connected to the spirit of the lyrics & story she was telling. I have know Jon from The New Kinetics, that band was on the same local label that my previous band was on. So when I heard he would be supplying the beats, I knew we had a serious band and adventure underway.

Who are some artists that inspire Soft Lions sound?

Megan: I don’t think we sound much like any of them, a few of the artists who inspired me to make music lately include EMA, Joni Mitchell, Microphones, and Kathleen Hannah.

What was the recording process like for your first EP No Peace?

Megan: We just took it one song at a time. It takes patience and trust to work that way, but I loved it. We recorded at Earthling Studios with Mike Kamoo and he was just great to work with. That was probably my favorite weekend of 2013.

Lex: Recording live together at Earthling was really fun. We grew closer as a unit, bringing life to songs we had only been playing for a few weeks. We were making specific decisions about our sound & purpose with each song. I can’t wait to record a full length album and create more moody moments of pure jam.

After your EP release show on Dec 6th at Soda Bar and your Dec 15th Casbah show, what’s next for Soft Lions?

Megan: I’m working on a new cycle of songs right now that I’m really excited to develop and record, so I guess you’ll find us working on an album and playing shows, tweeting, retweeting, knocking on doors, sending emails, practicing, practicing, getting pizza, petting cats, making friends, and pushing onward.

Lex: We have new songs up our sleeves that we have been working on as we continue to find & define ourselves. We will continue to dance outside traditional song writing techniques & experiment with the lion inside us all. We want to get weird with everyone through music, friendship & of course pizza.


You can find more information about their Dec 6th EP release show at Soda Bar here: https://www.facebook.com/events/683254165018300/

Check out the band’s music and on social media at:

Interview By: Amanda Martinek