Durand Jones & The Indications

Durand Jones & the Indications cruised down to the Belly Up, and played a sold out show while on their southern Cali “Cruisin’ to the Park” tour.

Rudy De Anda was the opener for the tour, and definitely did his job in captivating the crowd, while also setting the tone for what was to be a beautiful night. As he walked onstage and played his first song, he immediately went into the audience with his guitar and serenaded the audience as he sang into all the gorgeous faces. A lot his songs are about love, relationships, and being left on read when you send a message on Instagram to your crush: a perfect choice in an opener for future legends Durand Jones & The Indications.

We dove deeper into the beautiful night as Durand Jones & the Indications took the stage with thunderous cheers and screams. Everyone knew what was about to happen; we had our classiest outfits on, and tissues on hand for the falling tears. As they played their first song “Smile” you could almost instantly feel the goosebumps crawl up the back of your neck, like instantly being transported back to the 60’s when Soul music dominated the R&B charts.

Drummer/vocalist Aaron Frazer, known for that angelic voice, was under doctor’s orders to not sing cause of an almost ruptured vocal cord. Durand Jones announced he was on the up and up, so for the encore Frazer sang his most popular song “Is It Any Wonder?”. The audience had his back, and sang their hearts out; definitely a perfect way to end the night. If Durand Jones & the Indications cruise down to your city, please to yourself a favor and buy tickets– they will sell out!

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