Some restaurants give off a “too-cool-for-you” vibe and thrive on aloof and unapproachable atmospheres. Not the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar!

Not to be a “back in my day” kind of person at age 35, but back in my day, customer service was one of the most important things about a restaurant experience. That seems to be escaping more and more companies at a growing rate, except for rare gems like House of Blues Restaurant & Bar.

Some restaurants give off a “too-cool-for-you” vibe and thrive on aloof and unapproachable atmospheres. Not the House of Blues’ staff! They’re smiling people that appear to like their jobs and are attentive and friendly–proof that customer service still can be done! Case in point being this past visit, where I had a vegetarian friend in tow, they kindly accommodated with no ‘tude other than happiness and gratitude to serve.

We started out with the Havana Club cocktail, a new addition to the menu and one I hope stays around for a while. The punchy rum flavor mixed with the lightest dose of simple syrup relaxed us and melted any tension right into the booth. Fresh mint and berries were a great garnish to awaken our taste buds and prime us for the salads yet to come.


Cobb Salad! Photo courtesy of House of Blues.

I had the delightful Cobb salad. Salading with this choice was much easier with its tangy blue cheese dressing and juicy cherry tomatoes. My friend Megan had the Wedge Salad sans bacon and described it as crisp and crunchy, with the makings of a whole meal in itself.


The mushroom tacos. Made for a very happy vegetarian! Photo courtesy of House of Blues.

Then we had the mushroom tacos, with hearty and healthy chestnut mushrooms bursting out of the white corn tortilla. The smoked-jalapeno relish tied the earthy dish together and the feta cheese provided a light and clean layer to the dish.


If I was a DJ I’d be MK Skillet Cookie. Photo courtesy of House of Blues.

Finally, we became Skillet Cookie monsters. This is my favorite House of Blues dessert to share! Megan and I weren’t sure which we loved more: the soft chewy cookie middle or the outer crispy, crunchy brown crust. Either way, it’s a big party to eat.


CHON ready to make us our salad! Photo courtesy of House of Blues.

Speaking of big party… On Friday, May 25 CHON, Polyphia, TTNG, and Tricot are playing the House of Blues! We kinda think you need to be there. In the past seven years, CHON has gone from playing local shows in their hometown of San Diego to a spot on the Billboard 200 and tours with Animals As Leaders and Circa Survive. From their growing fanbase to tours with scene heavy hitters, it’s safe to say people are indeed enjoying CHON’s music. I’m personally digging their song “Splash,” which can be heard here.

Buy your tickets to CHON here!

For more House of Blues concerts or to book your next meal at the restaurant, check out the House of Blues San Diego website here.

By: Meryl Klemow

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