Meryl digging in at House of Blues for a great dinner!

Head to the House of Blues San Diego Restaurant & Bar for the “tottest mess” in town!

In second grade my teacher, Mrs. Snyder, yelled at me for eating tater tots like a young Neanderthal in the cafeteria. “Meryl!” She snapped at me while grabbing a plate full of tots I had mushed and together in the shape of a dinosaur, “If you can’t eat your tater tots correctly, you shall have NONE!” I admitted to her and the rest of my second grade class that no, I most likely couldn’t eat them correctly, and cried real tater tears into my purple and pink My Little Pony sweater as I watched my sweet snack get tater tossed into the cafeteria garbage bin. Thanks to House of Blues San Diego Restaurant & Bar and their amazing chef, Jeremy Cantwell, I now not only ate the best tater tots in the nation, but even left some mac and cheese sauce on my shirt because hey, I’m an adult now. I call the tot shots.

Anyhoo, we here at ListenSD know a good rock band when we spot one. Same goes for food and what we sampled the other night were three choice hits if you want to rock your taste bud world.

First, we started off with their drink special, the Saint Rita, in a beautiful giant House of Blues punch bowl! It was tastefully kicky, with pineapple wedges to sweeten the sour and two limes to add to the already fresh and citrusy beverage. Watch out though—this one will get you like a hurricane!

Next up we had the famous “Tot Mess” which were like 2.0 version of your normal tots smothered with thick and sinfully awesome cheddar cheese, soft, juicy carnitas, and pickled jalapenos to bring it even more to life. This is the perfect dish to share with friends, or to bring home and eat the leftovers for breakfast, as one in our party did!

Followed by the Shrimp and Grits which blended the soft comforting taste of a fried grit cake with the aromatic sweet tomatoes. The shrimp were impressively large and hearty, and were a great balance with the garlic cream sauce. I’m always so impressed how homemade the food tastes here, especially with how packed their dinner business is almost every night.

We finished with a real rock star dessert—the Key Lime Pie. For pie lovers this dish is a must try. Our slice was fresh, and the best fluffy choice to compliment a very hearty and comforting meal. The whipped cream topping was graciously thick, and the raspberry coolie drizzled on top was just sweet music lover nod enough for us to order another one and then we would be in  a lot of…treble. Yep.

After dinner we had a blast at The House of Blues’s trivia night. It’s the only music themed trivia night in San Diego that I personally know of, and I loved the different ages of people that came out to play. Trivia is held most Wednesdays and DJ Mike White set a fun and friendly atmosphere for all.

Be sure to check out House of Blues’s food and event lineup here before you come check out the show with Barns Courtney on Wednesday! For more information on Barns Courtney, click here! We personally dig his song Fire.

Food Review by: Meryl Klemow