House of Blues of Restaurant and bar is a bucket list activity for both tourists and San Diego locals.

Pssst. Yes, that’s “I have a secret noise” sound… Come close–not that close… All this food is mine, sorry! Close enough for me to whisper in your ear my secret: The House of Blues experience is a favorite among not only visitors around the world, but locals as well.
During this addition of Dinner and a Show I had the pleasure of meeting and sitting among some true blue locals at the bar (shout out Greg and Pamela, Del Mar! hope your trip to Maui was pleasant). They were at the restaurant with some friends, and after what I could only imagine was a few signature cocktails, told me this is their number one spot to bring their out of town visitors and to come on their own when they want a great meal and friendly vibe. I agree. This dinner was a perfect example of why you can count on House of Blues for a fun, lively time with world-class cuisine and some of the best cocktails you may have ever sipped.

First up was the Fine & Mellow drink. I usually have my Knob Creek bourbon either just with ginger ale and a twist of lime, with club soda on the rocks or in my bedroom alone listening to old Alanis Morrissette. This was an upgrade from my usual, perfectly blended with St. Elder, a hint of fresh lemon juice, and strawberry and rhubarb bitters. Light, satisfying and a desirable choice to accompany the Creole cuisine.

Gumbo. Yes, baby. Aromatic and rich and hearty, this dish was expertly seasoned and the peppers and onions added a crunchy texture to accompany the soft and soothing roux with sausage and chicken. I tried to save room for the main dish, but this was so good I needed to box it on up and share with my loved ones at home.

The Shrimp PoBoy had me feeling like a Queen, as it was LOADED with fried Cajun shrimp and a finger-licking seasoned mayo. The crisp lettuce, fresh pickles, and tomatoes laid out like a French girl ready for her painting on the famous Leidenheimer’s bread.

Finally, the Bourbon Bread Budding was HUGE, bathed in caramel and I tried to be normal and only eat one half of it, and of course, take the other one home for breakfast. The right mix of moist and crunch, it’s a textural wonderment.

Come get bathed yourself in some indie pop goodness with a live show by Coast Modern on Tuesday, April 24. I’m digging the tracks “Comb My Hair” and “Drive” off their new debut album, which you can listen to here. 

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By: Meryl Klemow
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