House of Blues San Diego

The best brunch food you could ever imagine! Pro tip: wear stretchy pants.

Gospel Brunch at House of Blues San Diego is something that everyone should do at least once. We definitely plan on returning again to celebrate any type of holiday that can get us to join the dancing fun on stage!

In the words of my celebrity crush Dan Aykroyd, “There is nothing like joyous gospel music to feed your soul, and nothing like good old fashioned comfort food to feed your hunger.” I have to admit, a great Sunday feeling is one where your only obligation for the day is to do a great job of picking out omelette toppings. Let’s get into the joyous and uplifting occasion that is Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues San Diego!

Nothing says self realization like a big heaping plate of mac and cheese goodness.

This world famous buffet featured all the delicious breakfast staples such as an omelette station, biscuits and gravy, and Southern signatures like grits, mac and cheese, and chicken and waffles. The biggest hit in my book was the carving station where I got a generous helping of tender meat and a fresh and juicy shrimp cocktail. The food is decorated beautifully, as is the room. There was just the right amount of people as well–the show was sold out but we had space to move around and I didn’t have to tackle anyone for the last bite of salami.

My date picking from many omelette fixins

The performers at Gospel Brunch were some of the most gifted singers I have heard. They played both traditional Gospel songs and celebratory songs for all cultures, races, and religious beliefs. The singers gave their absolute all on stage and their between song banter was warm, humble, and appreciative. They moved and sang so well I felt a little guilty for just sitting there shoveling warm grits into my mouth, but got over my own shame and moved on. As I always do.

You say it’s your birthday? Your anniversary? Or maybe you just feel fancy and special? The Gospel Brunch crew will help you celebrate no matter the occasion!

From the hostess smiling at us upon arrival to the nice man that gave me extra whipped cream on my waffle, the staff working brunch seemed to be having as much fun as the patrons. They were just as much as part of the show, as they wave around their napkins and dance to the music while maintaining a very attentive and helpful presence on the brunch floor. The atmosphere the staff created moved everyone to relax, imbibe, and celebrate.

Much like the brunch offering up something for everyone, our featured House of Blues San Diego show also blends a mixture of many genres: Johnnyswim is a duo comprised of singer-songwriters Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez who play beautiful a mix of folk, soul, blues, and pop music. Their show is this Saturday, October 21st, at House of Blues, San Diego. I can personally vouch that they are awesome and funny people, as I podcasted with them a couple years ago. Our interview felt more like a friend date–these two personalities are entertaining, talented, and hilarious. They’re the type of people that you want to sit down and drink copious amounts of margaritas with (again).

For tickets to Johnnyswim, click here and for more on Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues San Diego, click here.

Review by: Meryl Klemow

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