My name is David Evanko, sometimes Minivan.

I’d like to welcome you to the first monthly installment of playlists curated to give you insight into new music, upcoming local shows, stuff I’ve been listening to, and other sounds you might enjoy. So let’s get to it.

February gifted us with an abundance of great new music. We’re starting out with the second track on the new FEELS record, Post Earth, called “Awful Need”. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this song performed live many times and can say the pleasure is equal while on demand. We also have a new record called Into the Iris from our friends Flatworms. Included is “Surreal New Year” an aptly named song that would fit well with the Repo Man soundtrack. Andy Human & the Reptoids from Oakland released Psychic Sidekick, a record that may have been pulled from a time capsule buried in 1984 downtown Los Angeles (again…cue up the Repo Man soundtrack). I particularly like the track “You Like Your Job” and have included it for you to like as well. The most recent release is a single from Wand called “Thin Air”. This song equates beauty and power and differs from just about any other release by their contemporaries, a trait that will be held in high regard.

Lucky for you, Wand will playing at Soda Bar March 19th and you may get a glimpse of “Thin Air” performed in real time. Opening is a band called Cat Scan (I’m plugging my own band here folks) don’t miss it. Other important shows this month include Numb.er at Whistle Stop on March 8th and The Monochrome Set with Smokescreens at Soda Bar on March 9th. As you’ll hear from the track “A Memory Stained”, Numb.er is brooding, forceful, and perfect for the rainy Friday night predicted by the weather people. Chase it the following night with The Monochrome Set, legendary weirdo poppers from England who I personally can’t wait to see. Opening is a band from Los Angeles called Smokescreens who I hope will make it down to San Diego more often.

In between, I’ve included music from contemporary acts Uranium Club, DUDS, RAYS, Marbled Eye, The Lavender Flu, Earth Girl Helen Brown, and the preceding sounds of artists Kevin Ayers, Electrelane, The Delgados, Public Nuisance, The 4th Coming, Tony Allen, and Fela Kuti.

May these songs kill your boredom as we brave another week of uncharacteristic cold and rain. I know they’ve certainly worked for me.







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