Ex Cult

Ex Cult

Ex-Cult, Kids In Heat, and Cat Scan brought their energetic anti-Grammy Night to Soda Bar!

Cat Scan was first up, and came in heavy. Getting everyone all amped up shouting, β€œfuck the Grammys!”

Kids In Heat took over with the same amount of energy! Lead singer Mikey Belknap was a wild man, stomping his feet loud enough to hear thuds through the music, and relentlessly shaking his tambourine. Kids in Heat killed it and they knew it.

Ex-Cult took the stage, led by Singer Chris Shaw, who seemed more quiet and reserved offstage, but as soon as he stepped on stage with a mic, and his bandmates behind him, a whole different person came out! Screaming every word with so much passion, you could see the veins in his neck! When the band would take off in a musical frenzy, Shaw would be slumping around the stage like a possessed demon. They gave everyone there a great reason to ignore this year’s Grammy’s.

Photos by: Nicholas Regalado

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