Chicano dream-pop superstar CUCO had a sold out SOMA all up in their feelings.

It was a hot Summer day in sunny San Diego, but that didn’t stop hundreds of fans from lining up outside of SOMA hours before doors would be opening. The line continued down the plaza blocking entrances to neighboring businesses, around the back of the building, right out to the front steps of Pechanga Arena. There’s no doubt about it: CUCO and his music are making waves.

Originally from L.A., CUCO has enamored listeners across the world with his dreamy, bilingual ballads. Pretty incredible for a self produced 21 year old, who dropped out of college. He once referred to himself as a “bum” who just hung out around the house and partied with his friends. Now, he has played festivals like Coachella & Lollapalooza, signed a seven figure deal with Interscope Records and wrapped up a nationwide tour promoting his first album “Para Mi”.

CUCO's First Album "Para Mi"

CUCO’s First Album “Para Mi”

Hip-hop trio Your Grandparents took the stage to open the show. YRGP immediately had the crowd moving and pushing closer to the stage. They ended with their set with their track “Groove”, which was guaranteed to get your feet moving.

Then they slowed down the vibe a bit with lo-fi R&B singer UMI. Fans sang along passionately to songs “Midnight Blues” and “FRIENDZONE”. She encouraged everyone to take the time to meditate and to be present with her in the moment.

Crowd’s cheers roared through the theater for UMI’s heartfelt soulful performance but it was not long before everyone started chanting “CUCO! CUCO!”

A warning message played and the stage lit up with CUCO’s name on screen. It was the intro track on the album voiced by the creator of viral Chicano meme page, “Foos Gone Wild”.

The band slowly took the stage as the cheers grow louder. Shortly thereafter CUCO took the stage, and with the heat of San Diego summer hanging in the room, he delivered a safety message before the show starts. “I need everyone to take two steps back, give everybody some room. If you see someone around you who looks like they need help or needs water help them out.” Security had already been passing out waters and pulling people from the crowd because of the heat.

CUCO opened his performance with the second track off his album, “Keepin Tabs” ft. Suscat0. The crowd screamed and sang along. He walked along the the front of the stage serenading fans and taking outreached hands. A bouquet of roses was extended across the rail as CUCO reached out to receive them.

For the rest of the night, each song was accompanied by the 2,000 voices of the crowd singing the songs right back. CUCO took the keys for most of the night but sent the crowd in an uproar when he pulled out the trumpet to accompany his track, “Lo Que Siento”, the first bilingual song he ever released.

The night was filled with dreamy songs about love, heartbreak, and loss, yet the vibe in the building is nothing short of bliss. CUCO ended the show with “Bosa No Se” Ft. Jean Carter of YRGP. Friends take the stage dancing and armed with water guns spray the crowd.

Photos & review by: Patrick Everett

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