Davey Havok’s voice left our mouths agape as Blaqk Audio opened their Only Things We Love Tour at San Diego’s Observatory North Park.

San Diego’s Observatory North Park was fortunate to be the launching point of Blaqk Audio’s Only Things We Love Tour. The show was on the eve of their new album drop.

The duo of lead vocals Davey Havok, and Jade Puget on keyboards, synth and backing vocals also happen to be half of the four-member band AFI. I have seen AFI several times, but this was my first Blaqk Audio Show.

If it were possible for the walls of Observatory North Park to encapsulate Blaqk Audio’s show and sound…I would be down to enjoy it ad infinitum.

Fans camped out ahead of the show, to be up front and as close to their beloved Havok as possible.  Fans cried and screamed when Havok jumped off the stage – and performed on, and reaching over the barricade.  They were touched both literally and figuratively by Havok’s showmanship. 

Havok performed with fervent and impassioned finesse, as he quickly flited about the stage playing to his audience. Excited and emotional fans told me of how they are following Blaqk Audio’s Tour…for at least the next few multi-state stops.

Enjoy their new, The Viles a delicious audio-visual morsel of darkwave. You will not be able to help becoming an insta-fan too.

My take-away from the show was, what did I just experience…and yes, I am going back for more?!  If you are in the Southern California area the Only Things We Love Tour will be wrapping back around to Santa Ana’s Yost Theater on April 26th.

Some shows have already sold out. If for any reason you are on the fence about getting tickets, don’t even hesitate — jump on it!

Havok wore a dark floral print tie, thematic to the album’s beautiful artwork. Get their new 12-track album, Only Things We Love released March 15, 2019 and available on CD, vinyl and digital download.

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Photos and Review By: Jackie Ferguson


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