Slinging songs seeping with sentimentality, The Band CAMINO had everyone deep in their feelings during their set at the House of Blues.

The Band CAMINO at House of Blues Voodoo Room by Christine Heyne for ListenSD


Four friends from the University of Memphis’s renowned music school, The Band CAMINO have spent the last three years building themselves to the point they are at now: a sold-out, national headlining tour across the U.S. After releasing their 5-track EP “My Thoughts on You,” the band continued to put out killer single after killer single, with each track building more momentum.

The original EP contained a series of nostalgic, reflective tracks, slower and sweeter in nature. As the band progressed, they began to experiment more with bigger sounds, including the rock-driven “Daphne Blue,” which originally started as a fun riff used during sound checks. From powerful rock ballads such as “Know Me” to synth-pop bangers like “Less Than I Do,” The Band CAMINO has created a signature sound that gets better with every new track, encouraging my heart and mind to buzz with anticipation as I walked into the still-empty Voodoo Room that memorable Wednesday night.

Up-and-coming band Hardcastle opened the show to an almost-full crowd, crooning their way through a great set. With only a handful of songs available through Spotify (four, to be exact), these guys are certainly a group to watch. It’s easy to see why, despite the low number of released tracks, they were picked to open a national tour, with emotive tracks like recently released “Back To You” stirring heartstrings. Fingers crossed this Nashville quartet releases more following their tour of America’s heartland.

When the men of the hour finally took the stage, the floor was packed and buzzing with excitement for The Band CAMINO. They ripped through almost every song in their repertoire, including new and yet-unreleased tracks called “On The Internet” and “See Through” (you might be able to find a shaky crowd recording on YouTube, if you really want a sneak peek). Despite being on the final few dates of tour, these boys played an impassioned set that had everyone in their feelings. Just one look at lead singer Jeffery Jordan’s face gives way to the emotion the band evokes so vividly during their performance. Anyone familiar with the band’s music can feel how deeply these artists feel their music, and experiencing it live almost (definitely) makes you think, “Wow, where do I find a love like THAT?”

Until the release of their much anticipated full album, fans can find that love again in each of The Band CAMINO’s 18 stirring singles, which I’ve had on constant rotation since their show.

Photos and review by: Christine Heyne

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