Fire Spinners

Amidst the myriad of music festival options, music lovers are left to separate the wheat from the chaff in regards to events. Transformational festivalEnvision, offers a holistic approach that’s a cut above the rest!

In the final days of February, one of the most biodiverse places in the world, Uvita, Costa Rica, was infused with thousands of travelers as well as music, yoga + dance acts from every corner of the globe the an 8th year in a row. At the junction of the jungle and the pacific shore, a synergistic experience of spirituality, movement, art, music, health and permaculture also flourished. For 4 days, a celebration of oneness, vitality, and potential was reveled in, leaving participants’ hearts and minds invigorated.

In a broad sense music has the capacity to affirm the human experience, yet it can also illuminate regional characteristics to articulate heritage. The musical programming at Envision captures that very dichotomy with its offering of 4 stages arranged by varied genres, group dynamic goals and performance embellishments like live art on the outskirts, fire & aerial dancers or mapped projection visual stages. Below the photo gallery is a breakdown of all that these stages served up to fans over the weekend.

Luna Stage

In a nutshell: Elaborate wooden Dragon stage, and flame pluming pillars circled the large concourse. Appealing to the avid, it featured a heavier leaning range of music from worldbass, glitch – rap, psybient.

Artists: Thriftworks, Clozee, Troyboi, Random Rab, White Bear

Anecdote: Belly + aerial + fire dancers also graced the stage. Finger tutt tutorials took place and live artists painted on mini platforms along the outskirts.

Sol Stage

In a nutshell: Extraordinarily captivating projection mapped visuals framed the large stage. This stage showcased organic instrumentation from both internationally renowned and home grown musical acts.

Artists: Xavier Rudd (Australia), Bob Moses (Canada), Matanza (Chile), Patterns (Costa Rica)

Anecdote: Handpicked musicians from various festival acts coordinate to play as one, forming the ensemble known as The Envision Orchaestra. Directed by the magnetic Vir Mccoy, players are given a one word cue to tune the mood to, and much like an improve performance the candid synchronizations found here create something truly unique.

Lapa Stage:

In a nutshell: A fractal topped stage with a colorful shade structure encapsulates the brimming dance quarter. Focused on underground dance music DJ’s, the feet on this dancefloor never stop moving to the techno tunes, or deep tribal/oriental influenced house music.

Artists:  DJ Tennis, Behrouz, Audiofly, Tara Brooks, Be Svendsen, Monolink, Dris Kali, Maria Wabe

Anecdote: Just outside of the bustling dancefloor, hoopers and poi balls were also in full swing. Playful dance offs took place like a capoeira inspired vinyasa between two yogis, and ecstatic dance styles guided the groovers.

Village Stage:

In a nutshell: This intimate jungle plant & palm lined stage exhibited grounded songwriter sets and workshops

Artists: Mike Love, Xavier Rudd

Workshop Topics: Permaculture, Intentional Communities, Ethnobotanical Journeys, Self-Actualization

Anecdote: Rows of seated listeners basked in heartfelt performances or dove into educational topics. Adjacent to this stage was a bonfire perfect for further reflection, where aromatic copal resin was sprinkled into the flames along with intentions. Additionally, the area was furnished with a tea house as well as an elixir bar (non-alcoholic) to satisfy a more conversational type of alchemy.

With a diverse offering of activities and music it’s easy to conjure up your own intentional experience! Immerse yourself in creativity & movement and connect with your tribe once again when Envision returns in 2019.

Review By: Kate Ammerman
Photos By: Leah Lipson

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