Artwork by Nick Bernal, @idio_gloss

Field Trips may have been busy with Be Well Fest this month, but don’t think that means we’d forget about our Local San Diego Playlist!! Regardless of how much you were hoping we may…

This month we’re highlighting the genre bending new project, De La Rosa, founded by members of punk super heavyweights Shiva Trash & The Sess. ‘Mehico‘ mixes folky guitars, and meandering, ‘Smile’-era Brian Wilson composition, all the while somehow maintaining the punk edge of the members’ previous projects. ‘L.B.V.B.U‘ is a veritable sonic odyssey. Complete with fuzzed out synth lines, complex instrumental textures that include seemingly found sounds and ambient noise, and vocal hooks as hooky as any that have ever hooked. It’s a nearly 8 minute journey into the psyche of a masterful songwriter unafraid of following a song wherever it may lead. And fuck, does it pay off here… I’m ecstatic to see what comes next for this fledgling project.

That’s not all!!! Our playlist also features the ethereally smooth surf/dream/jazz/pop of North County’s Miles Bandit, the simultaneously electrifying and entrancing electronic indie pop of South Bay’s Delahcruz & the John Maus inspired new/dark wave of Trit. Never hesitate to send us an email, or shoot us a message if you’ve got something we need to hear, WE WANNA HEAR IT! 🙂

De La Rosa Mehico
Delahcruz I’ve been dreaming (prod. delahcruz)
Matt Lamkin Take Me Away
Peggy183 – Wish I Could Fly (Ecstasy Version)
NEUTRAL SHIRT I Can’t Go Back to San Diego
Fivepaw Repeated&Pulled
BODY SONG I’m Lying To You
Birdy Bardot  Treading Water
Aquariummm yellow white blue
Warsaw  HAVEN
Boychick Your Mind
Nick Inman My Blood
De La Rosa L.B.V.B.U.