Artwork for Body Song’s ‘I’m Lying To You/Behind The Wheel’ EP

Artist: Body Song
Track Names: “I’m Lying To You,” “Behind The Wheel.”
Label: Self-release
Release Date: May 25, 2017

Body Song is the most recent project from longtime collaborators Jackson Milgaten and Jeremy Scott.

From Deadphones to Cuckoo Chaos, to The Vision Of A Dying World (with whom I fell in love at 14—check out “Travis Wayne“), Milgaten and Scott have time and time again proved their ability to take polished pop sounds and turn them into something else entirely.

Although that “something else” has shifted from project to project—in Vision it was a sprawling Animal Collective style anti-folk, in Cuckoo Chaos it was wiry, tropics-invoking indie rock, and in Deadphones it was a jagged, morose, brand of pop, awash in glimmering synths—the quality and clarity of their vision has always remained intact. We’re yet to really nail down what that “something else” will be for Body Song, but their two previously released songs, “I’m Not Crazy You Are,” and “Stained Glass Eye,” suggest they’ve continued the evolution visible in Deadphones—laying on the electronics and carving out a glitchy, hauntingly minimal yet deceptively intricate style of art pop.

Today, ListenSD is sharing two new tracks from Body Song. “I’m Lying to You” and “Behind the Wheel” sound grimy but retain all of the the glitchy electronics of the duo’s previously two released songs. The former is propelled by a gothy, nihilistic synth groove reminiscent of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. Drawing heavily from 80’s synth-pop and industrial, the tracks distorted refrain “I’m Lying To You” is a major hook that sticks in your head long after the song ends.

The second track, “Behind The Wheel,” is actually a cover of a Depeche Mode song, and a remarkably well executed one at that. The duo exchange the stiff synths of the original for a combination of heavily processed guitar and keys. They add some extremely effective drop-outs, showcasing Scott and Milgaten’s flawless vocal harmonies and allowing the song to stretch and swell in organic and dramatic ways. What was once dead keyboards now feels like a living, malleable entity, and that change makes the track all the more spooky and delicious.

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Review by: Jakob McWhinney