.  Album Art for Dream Joints’ ‘Just Like Medicine’

Artist: Dream Joints
Track Name: ‘Turn Me On’
Label: Bleeding Gold Records
Release Date: May 26th, 2017

Wild Wild Wets frontman Mike Turi set to release debut LP ‘Just Like Medicine’ on May 26th.

Dream Joints is back with a dense, hedonistic taste of their psychedelic playground. Taken from the project’s debut full length ‘Just Like Medicine’, out on May 26th through Bleeding Gold Records, ‘Turn Me On’ is as much the soundtrack for long drives through the dark empty of desert, as it is for sweaty, gritted teeth nights in packed underground clubs. The mid-tempo romp feels at once tropical and dirgey, mixing percussion, sitar-esque leads, and dirty, sweeping guitar strokes to create the kind of sonic soundscape where Turi thrives.

Be sure to head to Casbah on May 26th for Dream Joint’s record release, presented by San Diego Freak Out, which boasts an absolutely bonkers lineup featuring VákoumHexaBODY SONG & Fivepaw, and while you’re there be sure to pick up a copy of their awesome Black/Green splatter vinyl through Bleeding Gold Records.

Review by: Jakob McWhinney