Local garage rock aficionado and Wild Wild Wets frontman, Mike Turi has announced the release of his solo project, Dream Joints’, long awaited debut 7″

Due out in February, on Bleeding Gold Records, the 7″ is the first taste of his forthcoming full length, ‘Just Like Medicine’, to be released in Spring on the same imprint. ListenSD is ecstatic to share the B side from the forthcoming release, ‘Dust‘, a foreboding, atmospheric track, awash with pulsating sonic flourishes and anchored by a hypnotic synth bass line.

The name Dream Joints, refers to Turi’s struggles living with Ankylosing Spondinitis, a painful inflammatory condition that can cause ones joints to fuse over time, a subject with which his lyrics also often grapple. Recorded at home over the course of three years, the project represents Turi’s first real foray into complete self sufficiency, but his decade and a half in bands has paid off, as Dream Joints arrive sounding mature, confident, and haunting.

Stream the track on Soundcloud here:

Or treat yourself to some eyecandy with this video teaser made by Turi himself!